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Virtual Wine Tasting Dinner Event Online

Themed Events

Need a customized super virtual party that has all the gadgets and greatness that you need? WTP Event Services will coordinate all that and more!  From Super Hero themes to an 80's Bash we will help you get the party started and raise the roof until the ceiling comes off!!

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Irish Pub people celebrating

Holiday Events

Christmas, St Patricks Day, Valentine's Day, even April Fools! No problem!! WTP guarantees quality excitement for your holiday event!!


Karaoke  & Concerts

Who doesn't love to add some music with their drinks?  Seasoned performers and freshly started performers are welcome to join us and share the WTP Experience!

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Escape Rooms & Games

Mystery, puzzles, out of the box excitement we have you covered!  WTP specializes in fun and games for everyone!  Come join us for a WTP Experience!!