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What Are The Best Virtual Event Management Companies?

COVID-19 outburst has forced the world to transform from offline to online platforms. Due to the pandemic, colleges, schools, and universities shut down, affecting students' education. But to overcome these problems, online platforms came as the biggest relief for everyone. As a result, this pandemic has prompted a quick alternative means of meeting that we could never have imagined before. Therefore, online education, virtual meetings, and virtual presentations became the most obvious solution. Apart from these alternative means, virtual event platforms also became a trend and are a very helpful mechanism when hosting an event. Virtual event platforms enable you to have Q&A sessions, interactive workshops, audience pools, and live streaming right from the comfort of your own home.

What is a Virtual Event, and how can you benefit from it?

Virtual event platforms allow companies to improve communication and interact effectively with each other online. With virtual event platforms, users can network while maintaining an organized online environment. Virtual events are different from your regular Zoom meetings and other such software because virtual event platforms have a wide range of activities to keep attendees engaged. For example, virtual events have features such as waiting rooms, polls, Q&A, and live chat options, making them more diverse from online meeting platforms. Some of the best Virtual Event Management platforms and companies are Where's The Party (WTP), Big Marker, GoToWebinar, HaySummit, Hopin, SPOTME; you can go through any of these platforms to host your Virtual event.

Why host a Virtual Meeting or Event, and how to Plan it?

Virtual events are an essential tool for any organization. In this outbreak of COVID-19, it is important to adapt this innovative virtual meeting method for your business operations' continued success. Following social distancing guidelines is a vital process in the workplace and for everyone's safety; therefore, having a virtual meeting or event versus having a physical one helps organizations reduce the risk of their employees contracted the virus. Planning and hosting a virtual meeting and event can be time-consuming and frustrating. A tool in making your virtual event planning experience less stressful and more successful is using a Virtual event management company like WTP. Event management and promotion are much-needed tools for reaching your desired goals for having a successful event. WTP, an event management company, will strategically promote your event by utilizing platforms like Google AdSense, targeted social media ads, Eventbrite, etc., for the best results. If you plan to have a virtual event soon, having an experienced coordinator plays a vital role in your event success. It doesn't matter if you are in Florida or New York. WTP has experience Florida event coordinators that are virtually available regardless of location. Do you need help planning your next event? Contact WTP for a quote today! Contact: (305) 859-1608 ​ Email:

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