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Virtual Events Will Always Be Hot!! Here's our TOP 3

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

As we all know the pandemic has been a wild ride for us all. We have adapted to the face masks, sanitizing 20 times the amount we did before, virtual classes, and the closing of JCPenney!! The Pandemic even made us adjust the ways that we have fun. With the surge of virtual events, we have grown more accustomed to interacting behind our screens; Interestingly, virtual events were already picking up before the pandemic even started.

Remember those nights when you couldn’t see your boo in person, but you could Skype or even Oovoo them? (I think FaceTime would be more relevant) Once the pandemic hit this spiked the necessity of communication became solely relying on virtual means. Even as the world adjusts to the “new norm” some elements of virtual interactions make for a more convenient experience.

  1. Cautious and safe - Just because all of your favorite clubs start allowing people to have fun without masks or social distancing does not mean everybody shares the same ideals. Some are going to want to keep that extra layer of distance away from people, and honestly can you blame them? That’s when the virtual party experience comes in handy. You can connect with people across the nation through a fun-filled experience while remaining cautious.

  2. Convenience - Tired of having to take an extra 3 hours to get ready for the big party you’ve been dying to go to all week? Your makeup, hair, outfit, and shoes all have to be on point! Virtual Events are much easier considering that you don’t have to get too dressed up. Throw on a shirt, maybe fix your eyebrows, maybe throw on a wig, and you’re all set. And for the guys: shirt, maybe some cool shades, and you’re good to go.

  3. Affordable - Cover charges? No. Drink charges?

No. Virtual Events are more affordable since you’ll probably already be at home relaxing and enjoying the show. Of course, each event is different and will have its own set of rules; and charges however there won’t be your usual “at party” prices.

Virtual Events are not going anywhere any time soon. This gives people a much easier way to enjoy connecting with others. Even after the pandemic is over, there will still be plenty of room for virtual services all over the world. So don’t fret, the virtual age is here and here to stay!

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