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Revolutionize Your Virtual Event Planning Experience

Virtual Event Management

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a fun, quick, convenient, and accurate way for our clients to host and attend parties or events.

Our Vision

Our vision is for WTP to provide a unique customer experience that will connect people worldwide. 



Virtual Event Planning

  • Corporate

  • School

  • Community

  • Networking

  • Holiday Party

  • Fundraising

  • Wine Tasting

  • Happy Hour

  • Team Building

Meet WTP Founders


Wheres The Party – Best Event Coordinators

We are in today’s time living in a virtual reality! Everything is possible online, and so are parties indeed. If you think virtual event can be boring then you are mistaken, and you haven’t met the right Florida event coordinators yet. If you are looking for party host near me, then you have indeed landed at the right place and time.

Wheres The Party is the one-stop destination having the best coordinators and host in Florida. So, you can put a full stop to all your searches for Florida party near me hunts, as we have the best for you.

Trust Wheres the Party Team:

When it comes to virtual parties, then you can trust the experts at Wheres the Party, as they are always there to help you out. Be it office parties, birthday parties, or any other party our professionals have the right knowledge and experience to help you plan and execute engaging parties.

Unique Touch:

The virtual parties we organize are very unique and different, and again out of the box. We brainstorm on some of the best ideas, try and keep them on board and then do the thorough planning about the same.

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LeRhonda Triplett

I have always been an advocate for having fun, especially when it positively impacts the community. After completing my BA at CSUSM, I wanted to make sure that in the next chapter of my life, I would enjoy life to the fullest, starting with my career by doing something I really love, which is having fun and spreading joy to everyone around me. WTP has made this dream possible for me, and it is my goal to continue on this journey. 

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Rodney Starkes

Believing in one's self is the greatest form of self-love. I am currently active duty military while fulfilling my dreams as an entrepreneur. WTP has been a journey like no other and I never could have dreamt that I would be in this type of business. I can't wait to push forward to see what the future has in store.

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